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The GMET IT Company is a technology solution business focused on managing the IT infrastructure of the Group as well as providing leading-edge services to our key industry partners. Our key services derive from internal research & development, as well as working with leading personnel in the information technology world.


Our group services include:


  • Hardware and software procurement

  • Network management

  • IT infrastructure and enterprise systems

  • Internet services

  • Speciality app development

  • Security and privacy-by-design developments

  • Maintenance and support

  • Information and cyber security consultancy


Our key external provision is delivered through our GMET SecureIT devision. GMET SecureIT continually develops and tests methodologies that reflect a deep understanding of cyber security needs. We aim to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and set the bar in terms of addressing your cyber security consulting needs.


GMET SecureIT can be the cyber security partner you can trust. We can provide experts who have the deep, specialist skills you need to deliver the best secure system


Ask yourself these key questions…


  • How secure is your infrastructure?

  • Are you confident that your security measures are sufficient?

  • Are you confident that you know when cyber attacks happen?

  • Do you know what the impact of a successful cyber attack to your organisation would be?

  • Are you meeting your legal obligations to keep your data secure?

  • What would be the cost if your data was compromised or stolen?

  • How do you justify investing in better cyber security?


Find out more how we can help support your security needs.

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