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Our service group

GMET is a natural grouping of companies and capabilities that have the skill-sets to perform programme management in primary roles for clients, as well as a concept and system engineering capability to meet the need of key programmes at Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels within nuclear, defence, energy and other engineering sectors. This includes: 

  • Programme Management

  • Support on Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Management and Engineering Consultancy

  • Commercial Management and Business Development

  • R&D/Technology Development

  • Multi-disciplined Engineering specialising in New Build, Decommissioning, Waste Management and Fuel Management.


For many years the lack of investment and develoment in the nuclear, defence and engineering industry has had a major effect on the technology/skills and the condition of the industry.  With that in mind, The GMET Group's vision is to have a significant impact on these industries and deliver market-leading programmes world-wide.

GMET Defence

The GMET Defence Group is dedicated to delivering comprehensive services to the defence sector and have professionals with extensive experience in the defence sector and pride themselves on delivery.


GMET Defence Group has some of the UK’s most experienced engineers within the group including some of the most respected key Marine Managers in both design and production operations.   This includes individuals with experience in developing specific studies for the defence sector.


Within the GMET Defence Group there are personnel experienced in the development and negotiation of international strategic alliances for major projects across a number of defence industries, including the naval and commercial shipbuilding environment.  We can assist in the qualitative construction of bids and proposals using staff skilled within the complete commercial spectrum.


The GMET Defence Group offers a wide range of services in the defence environment including:


  • Programme & project management

  • Risk & planning management

  • Business plans

  • Performance improvement

  • Technology transfer

  • Defence consultancy

  • Management consultancy

  • Business development support



Performance in industry

Most company’s probably have the basic processes and structures in place and may have the basic project management skills. But they are probably not enough. Companies and markets are changing and senior management want results.  Even experienced executives may forget that projects need to be integrated into their overall strategy and they need to be supported by the right structures, processes, tools and techniques.   


Making a decision on which are the “right projects” is critical for internal and external stakeholders. They also need to manage the quality and the risks involved.


Our experience

There is a need for defence companies with experience in providing support and the capability of undertaking independent work and with that in mind GMET Defence has been developed to undertake specific studies for the defence industry, as well as provide experts in:


  • Programme Management

  • Project Management and Project Controls

  • Risk and Planning Management

  • Management and Engineering Consultancy

  • Build Strategies

  • Shipyard Audits

  • Technology Transfer

  • Conceptual Designs/Engineering Studies

  • Commissioning 

  • Safety Case Engineering

  • Business Development, Bid Support and Tender Evaluation

  • Business Plans and Financial Planning

  • Contract/Commercial Management Support

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Analysis

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