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Our service group

GMET is a natural grouping of companies and capabilities that have the skill-sets to perform programme management in primary roles for clients, as well as a concept and system engineering capability to meet the need of key programmes at Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels within nuclear, defence, energy and other engineering sectors. This includes: 

  • Programme Management

  • Support on Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Management and Engineering Consultancy

  • Commercial Management and Business Development

  • R&D/Technology Development

  • Multi-disciplined Engineering specialising in New Build, Decommissioning, Waste Management and Fuel Management.


For many years the lack of investment and develoment in the nuclear, defence and engineering industry has had a major effect on the technology/skills and the condition of the industry.  With that in mind, The GMET Group's vision is to have a significant impact on these industries and deliver market-leading programmes world-wide.

GMET Nuclear

The GMET Nuclear company was formed to create one of the leading nuclear companies providing engineering solutions and technology to clients worldwide.   The GMET Nuclear professionals have extensive experience in these sectors and pride themselves on delivery.


GMET Nuclear is a solutions based company dedicated to delivering independent services to the nuclear sector and this includes:


  • Programme & Project Management

  • Risk & planning management

  • Business plans

  • Performance improvement

  • Technology Transfer

  • Reactor Technology (NuCellA)

  • Design and System Engineering

  • Management and Engineering Consultancy

  • Technology Development

  • Commercial Management

  • Business Development

Our capabilities

GMET Nuclear  is the solutions company dedicated to delivering independent and comprehensive services to the nuclear sector; this includes Programme Management, Support on Mergers and Acquisitions, Management and Engineering Consultancy, Commercial Management and Business Development.  


  • GMET Nuclear can provide independent advice, support and management whether you are going for a full merger or acquisition, or forming a partnership/alliance.

  • GMET Nuclear’s experience is invested in seasoned Managers and Engineers from the nuclear industry and offers a wide range of consultancy services in the nuclear and engineering environment including: Technology Transfer, Programme Management, Project Control, Business and Finance Planning, Risk Management, Sales and Marketing Support, Nuclear, Engineering and Management Consultancy.  This includes individuals with experience in developing specific studies for the nuclear industry.

  • GMET Nuclear is associated with a number of International experts who provide specific support to the company in areas from nuclear regulations to competitive dialogue.  GMET Nuclear is also associated with a number of companies who have proven experience in working within the current nuclear new build environment. 

  • GMET Nuclear offers a wide range of services within the Business Development field, from Sales and Marketing inclusive of identification of opportunities through to Commercial Support in terms of final contracting.  We can also assist in the qualitative construction of bids and proposals using staff skilled within the complete commercial spectrum.

  • GMET Nuclear is available to help you with your Programme Management and can help your business with the alignment of your projects to meet your chosen strategy and explore the implications for each project.

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