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Defence Consultancy

Marine & defence consultancy

GMET Defence Group has some of the UK’s most experienced engineers within the group including some of the most respected key Marine Managers in both design and production operations.   This includes individuals with experience in developing specific studies for the defence sector.


In addition, GMET Defence Group is associated with a number of International experts who provide specific support to GMET.



These include: 


  • Design & Production Support

  • Production Engineering

  • Process Engineering

  • Re-engineering

  • Structured Analysis



Technology transfer

Technology Transfer is key to establishing expertise and capability within a company.  This transfer of technology can be developed on a National and International basis at Government and industry level in all aspects of the Defence business.



We have the capability to undertake the following:


  • Audit of Technology

  • Identification of Applicable Technologies

  • Implementation of Technology Projects


Performance improvement

In organisational development, performance improvement is the concept of organisational change in which the management put in place a programme which measures the current level of performance of the organisation and then generates ideas for modifying organisational behaviour and infrastructure which are put into place to achieve higher output.


Performance  improvement is key to establishing a competitive culture within a company, which in turn identifies the opportunities for performance improvement within any type of business.


Too many performance improvement initiatives generate significant activity without real benefit, . The GMET aim is to undertake analysis to ensure that the objectives for performance improvement are targeted correctly, ensuring that performance improvement activity provides tangible business benefits.

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