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Management Consultancy

Our service group

GMET is a natural grouping of companies and capabilities that have the skill-sets to perform programme management in primary roles for clients, as well as a concept and system engineering capability to meet the need of key programmes at Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels within nuclear, defence, energy and other engineering sectors. This includes: 

  • Programme Management

  • Support on Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Management and Engineering Consultancy

  • Commercial Management and Business Development

  • R&D/Technology Development

  • Multi-disciplined Engineering specialising in New Build, Decommissioning, Waste Management and Fuel Management.


For many years the lack of investment and develoment in the nuclear, defence and engineering industry has had a major effect on the technology/skills and the condition of the industry.  With that in mind, The GMET Group's vision is to have a significant impact on these industries and deliver market-leading programmes world-wide.


GMET Nuclear’s experience is invested in seasoned Managers and Engineers from the nuclear industry and offers a wide range of consultancy services in the nuclear and engineering environment including: Technology Transfer, Programme Management, Project Control, Business and Finance Planning, Risk Management, Sales and Marketing Support, Nuclear, Engineering and Management Consultancy. 



GMET Nuclear has some of the UK’s most experienced managers within the Company,  including some of the most respected key Managers in both Nuclear and Engineering Sectors from Design to Production Engineering and from Process Engineering to Re-engineering.


GMET Nuclear is pleased to confirm that its consultants include key personnel with experience from working within British Government organisations such as British Energy, UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA),  the Liabilities Management Unit (LMU) and the Nuclear Inspectorate (NII) as well as senior personnel from key industries, such as BNFL and Magnox, from within the nuclear power generation supply chain.

Management Experience


This includes individuals with experience in developing specific studies for the nuclear industry, as well as experts in:



  • Feasibility Studies/Road Maps/Business Plans

  • Business Strategy/Financial Planning

  • Siting, Licensing, Permitting & Planning

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Analysis

  • Construction and Engineering Management

  • Contract and Commercial Management and Support

  • Tendering Support and Evaluation of Contractors

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Programme Management and Programme Controls



In addition, GMET Nuclear is associated with a number of International experts who provide specific support to GMET Nuclear in areas from nuclear regulations to competitive dialogue.  GMET Nuclear is also associated with a number of companies who have proven experience in working within the current nuclear new build environment.

Business Planning


GMET Nuclear Group’s experience in business planning and financial modelling will play a major part in maintaining the competitive edge which has forced business development operations to become more dominant in the engineering sector.  Business planning is the key mechanism for co-ordinating business development.


GMET Nuclear Group is available to undertaking the following:


  • Business modelling and business plans

  • Develop specific operation business plans and strategies

  • Standard business plans for Nuclear industry equipment suppliers




Technology Transfer


Technology Transfer is key to establishing in-company expertise and capability and the transfer of technology projects deals with National and International operations at  Government and industry level in all aspects of the Nuclear and Engineering Sectors.


Technology Audit and Implementation


GMET Nuclear has the capability to undertake the following: 


  • Audit of Technology

  • Identification of Applicable Technologies

  • Implementation of Technology Projects






Performance Improvement


In organisational development, performance improvement is the concept of organisational change in which the management put in place a programme which measures the current level of performance of the organisation and then generates ideas for modifying organisational behaviour and infrastructure which are put into place to achieve higher output. 


Performance  improvement is key to establishing a competitive culture within a company, which in turn identifies the opportunities for performance improvement within any type of business.



Too many performance improvement initiatives generate significant activity without real benefit, . The GMET aim is to undertake analysis to ensure that the objectives for performance improvement are targeted correctly, ensuring that performance improvement activity provides tangible business benefits.


"Good performance/work organisation is about well organised work being undertaken by a well trained workforce in a well organised and engineered manner"





GMET Nuclear is available to assist you to reduce the risks and increase the chances of undertaking a successful integration following an acquisition or merger.

Even when you have done your homework, carefully followed the right processes for valuing companies, completed your due diligence, negotiated and won the support of the stakeholder, the work is not over.  After you sign the agreements and legal documents, GMET Nuclear can assist you to merge organisations by integrating financial systems, processes, business units and functions. GMET Nuclear is available to help create a well thought-out strategy and align all functions in the value chain to that strategy.   Fighting on too many fronts disperses efforts and creates inefficiencies that allow more focused competitors to win the business.

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