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Project & Programme Management

Our service group

GMET is a natural grouping of companies and capabilities that have the skill-sets to perform programme management in primary roles for clients, as well as a concept and system engineering capability to meet the need of key programmes at Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels within nuclear, defence, energy and other engineering sectors. This includes: 

  • Programme Management

  • Support on Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Management and Engineering Consultancy

  • Commercial Management and Business Development

  • R&D/Technology Development

  • Multi-disciplined Engineering specialising in New Build, Decommissioning, Waste Management and Fuel Management.


For many years the lack of investment and develoment in the nuclear, defence and engineering industry has had a major effect on the technology/skills and the condition of the industry.  With that in mind, The GMET Group's vision is to have a significant impact on these industries and deliver market-leading programmes world-wide.


Within GMET Nuclear there is a wealth of capability and experience to co-ordinate and manage key programmes throughout the projects life cycle.


The disciplined, systematic orchestration of human resources, time, money, and information to plan, design, construct, and deliver a collection of projects in an integrated way, and obtain benefits for the Customer/Owner not available if managed separately.


  • Integration/linkage of all projects within the programme

  • Alignment across the programme to achieve efficient, predictable and cost-effective, programme delivery and operations

  • Augmentation, integration and leverage of scarce talent

  • Optimising and integrating  business, technical, management, project delivery, and operations solutions

  • Addressing internal and external factors, challenges, and managing multiple activities

  • GMET Nuclear can help your business with the alignment of your projects to meet your chosen strategy and explore the implications for each project.

Managing Project Quality


GMET Nuclear is available to assist you in making a decision on the “right projects”  which is critical for internal and external stakeholders and we have the capability  to manage the quality and the risks involved i.e.


  • Managing project quality in projects

  • Cost and time management in projects that helps you deliver on-time and in-budget.

  • Managing risk in projects that helps you plan for the unexpected.


GMET Nuclear can provide quality management in projects that focus on benchmarking and quality at every project phase.  Many companies are implementing and using benchmarking such as ISO 10006 to check quality management levels in projects. GMET Nuclear recognises the importance for you to focus on quality management in your company now.  Maybe your clients are demanding that you are ISO compliant or your company is clearly focusing on the quality aspect. It is not enough simply to deliver the project.


GMET Nuclear is capable of delivering the project exactly as the specifications outlined,  always focusing on quality. As your company moves into more Product Plus and Customer Specific Solutions, quality becomes very important.

Managing Project Delivery & Risk


"Delivering On Time and On Budget"


Major increases regarding cost and time in projects are no longer acceptable. Managers have to be able to predict costs, timings and make sure that their projects stay on track!  Why does it happen?  Why do projects run over budget and over time?  What can you do to predict this and save your reputation as a project manager?


GMET Nuclear has the tools and techniques to help you


"Helping Managing Risk in Your Projects"


Managing risk and building in all the necessary coverage has become a key skill in major projects.   Senior management and your headquarters do not want any surprises.


GMET Nuclear can prepare you for possible risks and build in back-up plans to ensure you are ready!

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